Well, the Kustom Coupe '36 down at my local music store is on special for 1500AUD, down from around 2500AUD. This is fortuitous, considering I'm in the market for a new amp. Haven't played it yet, and might not get a chance for a few more days.

For those of you who have heard/played it, what's it like? I'd be looking for nice cleans with a good amount of headroom, and hard rock/progressive lead tones/venturing into metal. The assistant reckons it's a gigantically versatile amp, but I have bad experiences with stupid salesmen. And I'd trust you guys a thousand times over some goon with a bad haircut.

I'm comparing this to a Blackstar HT40, which I'll be able to grab for just under 1000AUD. What do you guys think?