So I'm looking to upgrade my amp (currently a Vox AC4TV combo). This time around, I'm thinking of getting an amp head plus a cabinet, preferably a 4x12. I've been looking at a Mesa Rectifier, but those seem like they'd be geared more towards heavy rock and metal. Other than that, I've looked at Fender and Marshall cabs but haven't really decided on any one thing.

Any suggestions? I'm looking to play jazz/fusion and indie rock/pop.

I've made a good amount of money so I don't really have a budget.
First, mesas are not only for metal and rock, they have good clean amps too

Second, I don't think you need a half-stack

Third, what's the most you'd like to spend on an amp, ok you have lots of money, but maybe you don't want to spend 300$ on damn amp, wich is normal.

Fourth, good amps would be almost anything by fender (twin reverb, bassman etc...) a Vox AC30 or a Fusch clean machine if you are willing to pay that much. I can't think of other right now -_-
I'd highly recommend a 2x12 cab and a head, because a 2x12 is highly portable in comparison to a 4x12, and will still give you low end frequencies and great tone. Set it up vertically or get an amp stand and you're set.
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