Depends how long you practice every day. It could take a day. It could take a year. Who knows? Shouldn't be too long though
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Depends. I practice a lot (3 hours is usual), but my picking is still pretty bad, but i've only been 'practicing' dedicated with a metronome for half a year, half of which was an hour a day. so i'd say if you use a metronome and give it time, you'll be back in no time.
I'm actually in the same position. I finally decided to read something, and I learned that I was anchoring without actually knowing it. (I learned something from reading? Weird.) Anyways, I've been working on getting rid of it the past couple days. I still do it sometimes, but I catch it when it happens. Seems like it'll go away within the week.
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I practice a good solid 3+ hours a day if that info helps at all..

Not really, it'll take as long as it takes and that's about all there is to it; as long as you're continually working towards your goal it really doesn't matter how long it takes.
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