Hey, I'm looking to trade my mint condition Dean Dime Slime Bolt Razorback with hardcase for and ESP LTD EC-1000 with case and in good condition.

the slime bolt is Dean's highest end Razorback other than a USA made one.

Here's the specs:
Razorback Slimebolt Body Style
Mahogany Top / Body
24-3/4" Scale
Neck Through Mahogany Neck (thinner than other Razorbacks. Nearly as thin as Ibanez Wizard II necks)
Rosewood Fingerboard
Dime Razor Inlays
Grover Tuners
Gun-metal Hardware
DBD Traction Knobs (two volumes and one tone)
USA Floyd Rose Original Tremolo Bridge (Only Razorback to feature an Original, not Licensed Floyd)
USA Dean DMT "DimeTime"/ USA Seymour Duncan Dimebucker Pickups
"Slimebolt" Custom Graphic

I'm looking to trade it for one of these four ec-1000s
EC-1000FR or EC-1000 (in Green, Blue, or Purple)

I'm in Arizona and will deal locally, but can deal between states but that'll be a bit more complicated cause it'd have to be through mail and a music store call Brindley's Music Center. They are also selling my Razorback for me through ebay if you're just interested in buying it!

here's the link
ill give you my ibanez j custom 8570, my ibanez pgm301, schecter hellraiser c-7 and schecter blackjack all for your razorback.
First, you would need to post this is the classifieds section.

Second, ebay links are not allowed.
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