I know that line 6 has a pretty decent reputation thanks to their vetta and pod series, as well as their partnership with bogner, but the spider series has earned line 6 a ton of crap

so, do you think the new variax, since it was designed but a world class luthier, and since the electronics have been upgraded, will be able to earn line 6 back a good reputation, or even do well based off its guitars?

Just curious as to what you think, I have high hopes for the new variax and I think that it will do its job pretty darn well
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The association between line 6 and Bogner and Line 6 is a joke and doesn't even improve their reputation. Wow, bogner designed they amp's power amp! Like if the power amp had a huge effect on tone

And Line 6 reputation will stay the same until they fix the spiders, because the rest of their products are great.

Edit: And what I mean by post is not that Line 6 as a bad reputation, I mean that the Spiders keep Line 6's reputation from going higher, wich is kinda sad...
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I don't think that it will really matter because I don't think Line 6's reputation was ever tarnished. Sure the Spiders aren't that good, but they're not AWFUL. There is much worse out there like the behringer v-tones or even the Marshall MG. Line 6 makes excellent effects pedals and effects models. Their new M9 stompbox modeler is wonderful, and then you have the POD which is the standard for amp modeling. Metallica even uses L6's distortion pedals and acoustic Variax guitars. Now they've ventured into wireless guitar transmitors and they're supposed to be awesome. They say it sounds as good as it does with a cord. So I'm not sure why you would say that Line 6 has to repair it's reputation, I think it's just fine.

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So wait, the amp in their lowest price line defines the entire company?

I hate this forum.
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So wait, the amp in their lowest price line defines the entire company?

I hate this forum.


And you have to realize most people could care less about Line 6. Forums are about the only place they get ripped on, sometimes unjustly so. And even then, there are guys all over TGP, HCAF, HRI, even UG who love the M series modelers and the floor FX. Guys like Eric Johnson and Peter Stroud use the old rack processors that sound great. Their reputation was never really hurt.
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IMO Line 6 has a great reputation. More people own Line 6 than Mesa or ENGL I'm sure.

Tone enthusiasts tend to dislike The spiders, and give some credit to the other stuff. Thats about it. 1% of guitar players.

I bet guitar center sells a huge amount of Line 6 stuff.