So i've been playing on an electric guitar for two years. I have two guitars, both with a Strat-style body. When i was starting off, I never used my pnky. Now I'm starting to use it more, but find that whenever I go above the 12th fret or so, my hand feels all crampted and I have to twist it at an odd angle to reach the lower strings. Is there any way to position my arm so that it feel looser and allows me to reach the lower frets?
do you have your thumb on the back of the neck and not over the top
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Try tilting the next upwards at a bit of an angle. It helps for wider stretches and for playing on the higher frets.
One of the exercises I used is to trill between the 7th and 9th fret of the high e string using only your ring finger and pinky. Try to do it for a minute. Once you get used to it, try moving it up a string.
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do you have your thumb on the back of the neck and not over the top

this can make a big difference. With my short fingers, I actually take my thumb out from behind the neck and just stick it straight out (like it would be if you were giving a 'thumbs up') to reach the 17+ frets on the low strings. The different angle of the thumb takes out some of the stress in the hand/wrist.
i have it on the top of the neck now... It just feels really awkward whtn i put it on the back of the neck, though. I'll try tilting the neck up. Thanks.
Yeah tilting the neck up should make a big difference. Also try playing chromatic scales in four note groups before moving up one fret and starting over. Start at fret 1 all the way to the highest fret on the bottom 3 strings (E, A and D). It's a great exercise for finger strength, speed and agility of the ring and pinky fingers. Helps me a lot! You'll find out that after doing this for awhile your thumb will just kind of move on its own to get those high frets on those strings because unless you have monstrously long fingers your thumb will have no choice but to move. It will also keep your fretting hand more relaxed.

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