Poll: Who is ozzys best guitarist?
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Randy Rhoads
22 85%
Jake E. Lee
1 4%
Zakk Wylde
3 12%
Gus G.
0 0%
Voters: 26.
Alright, so if you listen to ozzys music you can obviously tell that he has had some great guitarists in his days as a solo artist from Randy Rhoads to Gus G. , and i want you to know who you think is or was ozzys greatest guitarist, personally im a randy rhoads fan.....
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Dosn't matter, Geezer writes evrything!
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it seemed like Zack Wylde was saving his best riffs for Black Label society.

Tonni Iommi is an amazing guitarist, came up with some great riffs

Randy roads was good, but i still don't think he can beat Tonni iomi, Ozzy was at his best in black sabbath, it's how he got his name, he's kinda got worse and worse since he went solo
If you counted iommi, I'd say him, but since you're just talking about solo career, then hands down, no competition (although the others are great) it's Randy frickin rhoades!!!
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Is that seriously a question you had to ask yourself?

Well if you read my first post i said that I think Randy is the best IN MY OPINION, i was just asking other peoples OPINIONS on who they think i Ozzys best guitarist and not askings myself, i kind of figured most ppl would say randy, but some ppl have other OPINIONS
It depends how you look at it. In terms of writing good songs with Ozzy ang gelling with him, it'd have to be Randy (only counting his solo career). In terms of technical ability, I'd say Gus G. has to be recognized as the best.
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tony iommi

Ozzy has in no way ever had ownership of Tony Iommi. You take back what you just said
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Randy simply for the fact after he died ozzy essentially stopped writing good songs.

Nah, Blizzard and Diary are pretty much crap.

My vote goes to Rob Trujillo. Bass guitarists are guitarists too.
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Nah, Blizzard and Diary are pretty much crap.

I think I should have Gone Jake E. Lee after looking at who was on each album, as after he left, Ozzy stopped writing good songs.