guys don't let Greg have all the fun.

So, I've been on a quest to try out a few different cabs lately. I've heard really good things about a few of them and I found one for 400 so I picked it up. I almost had a chance to grab an acoustic mills for something like 450 but the seller wasn't willing to ship and I couldn't fit it in my car so balls to that. I'm still sad don't worry.

Well, here's the back panel of the cab I did manage to get

Can't let all that acoustic foam go to waste. 25 bucks for 40 pieces one day on musician's friend. whoot. Fun fact - the glue they give you is not water soluble and does not stick to anything except for skin. I didn't know this until I tried to wash my hands. It's still on there. Now I know how girls feel. That's the last time I shoot off into anyone's hair. Promise.

Here's some speakers. Notice the upper rear panel and the bottom port/baffle/panel. It's supposed to improve projection and bass response. I have a hunch this speaker set up is actually going to work terribly. The Wizards are 103db efficiency and the scumbacks are only 97db. What I'm hopping is that by having the bass coned m55s at the bottom, it will allow the bass to project forward a bit more.

After setting up the cab and playing it a bit the wizards are overpowering the Scumbacks a lot. I'll fix it later with some high efficiency scumbacks.

Here she is

A port city 412. I think it's really nice looking. The wizards are some of my favorite speakers from eminence and they sound great in this cab. Not as exciting as a 513 .
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
sweet stuff!
Lets jump in a pool

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I dunno. There might be more 513s on UG than Port City cabs. We need a head count.
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