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26 35%
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27 36%
6 8%
Voters: 75.
What do you think is the best LP custom color out of these?

Wine Red


Alpine White

Heritage Cherry Sunburst
b. black. its got more of a metal look to it. thts if ur looking for some thing metal-looking
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I love cherryburst. Nice and bright, but not plain like white.

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I love the alpine white, it's the only les paul I would ever buy...and...no I'm not a Randy Rhoads fan or anything
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I like the black the best, but with a guitar with this cost I really think it should be more about sound and not how it looks.
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Wine, then white, then black, then 'burst.
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they're all pretty damn amazing. i went with white though. white guitars are all class. black is a very close second.
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Quote by AWACS
Wine, then white, then black, then 'burst.


If I were ever (god forbid) to get a Les Paul type guitar, I would probably get a blue one with gold hardware though, none of the colors you offered.
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I picked C. A white les paul just screams Randy Rhoads
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Black is the classic color for a Les Paul Custom. The Cherry Sunburst really comes into its own with three pickups. Unfortunately, Gibson stopped making that one.
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Wasn't this exact same poll up a while ago?
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It's worth it if only for the pictures. Beautiful guitars, those Les Paul Customs.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
I voted for white cause i've always liked white les pauls w/ gold hardware.

But I still think Tobacco burst les pauls look the best
Cherry burst if you replace the pickups with no cover cream bobbin ones and change the knobs to black top hats ala Zappa. Otherwise the black.
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I'm not sure if i like the classic black look or the cherry burst. I think i wouldn't be able to decide if i was picking a les paul custom.
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Quote by dcooper830
I like 'em all equally. I'd have one in each color if I could afford it.

I have one in Cherry Sunburst and it has a flame top:


Lucky YOU!

I wish to have that Gibson, and that color.. eh, masterpiece
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