I hear it on the radio all the time, it's a newer song. The main riff is a d octave at the 5th fret of the a string sliding up to the e octave, which is then played 7 times, with kind of an urgent/bouncy feel to it (that whole part is played twice) then it goes b5 a5, and repeats. I can't think of the lyrics really, it's something about like being drunk and saying stuff to a girl that he regrets. Please help me!!! It's been stuck in my head for like 3 weeks!!!
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If you were to recite some lyrics for the song I may be able to help you. The description you have provided is very vague.
haha the first quote in your sig made me lol after reading your post...................as for the song, I have no idea. What radio station? Check out recently played songs or something on their site.Also, what genre? Is it like punk, metal.......
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^thats it dude. Thank you so much! I realize that the description was vague, but I really couldn't remember much about it.