PodXT-Behringer FCB1010 Midi Pedalboard-Edirol USB MIDI interface-2 10ft midi cables.

I have what essentially should go as a complete package though I am open selling individual components. I don't have a band and I don't gig so I have decided that having this stuff is overkill. I'll just cut back to my Digitech RP250 and be unhappy about it because the PodXT does things the RP250 can't even touch and the PodXT just plain sounds better.

1. A Line6 PodXT in excellent shape. One small scratch in the finish.Very little use, never gigged. Includes power supply, manual (original and an update one printed on my laser printer). Latest firmware installed on it. Software for Windows XP on CD Plus any user created sounds I've collect from the line6 community collection of sounds (not many).
This thing sounds killer when run into a tube power amp. Works great with a guitar with single coil or humbucker pickups. Other software, sounds and amp/FX upgrades packages available on Line6's website. Units programs will be reset to factory spec so as to remove my errant reprogramming attempts. Will remove my device registration from line6's website upon shipment.
$140 plus shipping. That's over half off the price of a new one.

2. Behringer FCB1010 MIDI pedal board. Perfect condition. Never been out of my house. Has 10 programmable pedals with 2 expression pedals. Has upgraded rom chip (UNO) that allows a stomp box mode whereby one row of pedals can turn on/off the individual stomp box effects on the PodXT or other midi capable guitar effects processor or amp. The other row controls the program selects. All user programmable. Has 2 switches via mono jacks that can control an amps channel selection or other functionality (if it works with your amp) these can be turned on/off under program control as well. Unit is programmable either manually (tap dancing) or via it's MIDI interface. Unit is currently setup to control the PodXT. Some other effect processors it can control are ALL MIDI capable Line6 products all other MIDI capable amps, the Eleven Rack and any TC electronics effects processor that is midi capable and just about any device that can accept midi control, program or note messages. Also can control some PC software that accepts midi control or program messages via a midi interface.
Original Manual and original Behringer rom chip included. UNO manual printout also included. Plus a CD with software to program the FCB from a Windows PC through a MIDI interface. Must have JAVA installed on your PC will include on CD. $115 plus shipping.

3. Edirol UM-2ex USB MIDI interface with manual and driver CD. Included are 2 10 ft midi cables worth $20 by themselves. Which can be used to program the FCB AND the PodXT. $35 plus shipping.

PAYPAL ONLY for payments.

If you buy the WHOLE package $275 plus shipping (2 boxes). That's $25 off the individual prices, and I'll also throw in a USB cable for the PodXT. Shipping to Continental U.S.A ONLY. Please use the Private Message facility on this website to contact me with any question or if you need pics. (haven't taken them yet but will very soon)

With this to ad. This system would make an excellent backup for your gig gear. Have an amp blow. Have this ready to go and run into the main mixer. When the fecal matter hits the rotating spreader just plug into this and keep going.
Bumpy McBuythisstuffalready

Ok so this stuff is not moving.

The PodXT $130 or best offer plus shipping.
Shipping to be determined based on your CONUS
shipping address. Shipping is at UPS cost. I'm not
trying to make money off the shipping.

The price on the midi interface is unchanged it's a great bargain
with the cables at that price. A new one is $50 by itself.