A few years ago, some random band played an event I was helping with. They played and spent a lot of time around. I hung out with one of the guitarists and talked about gear and what not.. I then noticed his Gibson.. It was the body of a Les Paul, however, on the headstock it said The Gibson instead of Gibson. You can see the same lettering and decal on a lot of older mandolins.
I'm wondering, is this some old old prototype or what? To this day I still can't find any type of information.
I've never heard of a Les Paul with the ancient "The Gibson" logo inlaid in the headstock. It could be a custom instrument, or an uncommon / limited edition version. You'd probably need to provide a picture.
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Unsure on this one. I've seen mandolins with a stylised 'The Gibson' logo, silkscreened. I've never seen or heard of a genuine solid body electric with 'The Gibson' logo, I'm initially thinking fake.
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You should have asked him what it was lol
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That guitar is amazing, but it doesn't say ''The Gibson'' on the headstock and therefore cannot be the answer to his question.
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I've seen an LP that was an extremely limited run and it said "The Gibson" on it. It's not unheard of for really nice ones.
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I've never seen a Gibson that says "The Gibson", but I have however seen some that say "The Paul" as nickdohle said.
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Ha. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it said Gibson and not Heritage... And this was back in I think 2004 so that was a few years before the 2007 model you was talking about.
The bassist in my band worked in the Gibson factory and I asked him about it and he said he's heard of something like that but he has no idea about it.

If I can remember the band then maybe I can track him down.. It's been bothering me for the past six years!
The GibsUn?? A fake made in china?? who knows since there is no pic of the guitar it is all speculation.

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