I sold my deville for 900. I want to get a smaller amp. More reasonable for my playin style. I play blues. Classic rock. Metal. Which is a good ss or tube. I don't mind ss if it sounds good. I like the fender front man 212.
I play
fender hss. Budget is 400. That has to cover all 3 styles no pedals. Don't have to be
huge. Wanna gig with it. I can go used but rather go new.
My newest cover Rivers Of Babylon sublime style.


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Fender strat MiM
Cry Baby-GCB-95
Tone port ux2
tascam dp4
80s rock, classic rock, classic metal
Honestly, you should have kept the deville and bought a barber dirty bomb or something.

But, I'd say your best bet if you can go used is a peavey classic 30 and an overdrive for metal.
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