Alright, so i've got 700$ for an amp after tax. so really, closer to 650$. I would rather have a 212 combo than a half stack because i can't see a 4x12 fitting into a 2 door coupe, but maybe a head with a 212 cab is right for me. I play in a ska band but we play old school punk and hard core as well, so it needs to be versatile. The tone i'm looking for is nothing in specific.

As of right now, these are what i'm looking at:

bugera 333/333xl 212
bugera v55
peavey valveking 212
line 6 spider valve 212

looking for a tube amp. I live in Orange county, CA so testing out amps isn't that difficult. Just need help deciding. I like the bugera sound but people say they are unreliable so i don't know how to feel.

I wouldn't really look at the line 6 for that kind of money you're spending. The other choices are solid.

You could get yourself a JCA20H (which is still fairly loud) then pick up a good 2x12 cab easily.
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Many people insist that Bugera has overcome their QC problems. I'd look at the 333XL or 6260 / 6262 half-stack for what you are doing.
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@The clash: why no on the line 6? I only played that one for a little today. Maybe 15 minutes. But enjoyed it enough to consider. The only reason i don't want it is it's a modeling amp. and i want to form my own tone more.

@Denied: The bugera 333 is a copy of the JSX. I'll look into the carvin and see if there are any near me on craigslist.
bugera's have good tone (I've only tried the 333 and 6262). a peavey 6505 112 would be a good choice too.
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Buy a combo- Bugera 333xl and buy a cab later for extra noise... simple really :P
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Musicians Friend and American Musical both have the Jet City 50 watt head for $540 right now... and no tax. I know you'd have to spend a little more than your budget to get a decent 2x12 for it but just so you know.
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I haven't been able to try the jet city amps yet. Are they nice?

@waterplayer: I don't really want to buy used because i never have luck with finding anything that doesn't need to be worked on constantly.

@forsomething: We play at weak ass places. We played the galaxy two weeks ago in santa ana, and they mic'd us. So much nicer. haha. Btw, i play my guitar like tom morello too. :P
find a marshall jcm 2000 combo for around 700 used
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