I just got the Ibanez RG120 a few days ago, and though it is a huge step up from my old guitar, it still leaves a bit to be desired. I noticed that with heavy gain my notes, especially chords, get slightly 'crackly.' Though distortion is supposed to sound a little fuzzy, I know there is such a thing as clear distortion. It will do this even if the amp is not real loud, so I don't believe it is the amp's fault. I am using a 15 watt Marshall 15FX Combo Amp, and the pickups are Ibanez INF3 (Neck) and INF4 (Bridge). I am considering buying new pickups, since I am guessing that's where the problem is. I am fairly new to guitar, so I left myself rather confused after searching hours on the web for different kinds of pickups. Anyone have any suggestions?

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The problem is with your amp. Better to upgrade that first.
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Your amp is the problem. Also, don't bother upgrading pickups in that guitar. It's not worth it. (I used to have one.)

Right now, the best thing you can do is just save up for a new amp.
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Hmm, ok. Is it the wattage, or the quality of the amp itself? I can't get a real loud amp because I have an apartment.
upgrading pickups in an rg120 is not worth it, i'd suspect pickups would cost more than the whole guitar is worth.

your amp at this point will be a lot mroe important. Upgrade your amp first. then when you can afford it just get a whole new guitar

the mg is not a very good amp. wattage doesn't matter, just look at something else. Checkout a Blackstar HT-5
Changing pickups won't do you any good on any low watt solid state amp. You should definitely save up for a new amp, either a tube amp or a bigger and better solid state amp.
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