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Hey guys, the other day had a bit of an urge to start a new build since im waiting on a few things for my double neck build. I was really keen on mucking around with a semi hollow design, and doing it on the cheap, so drew up a quick outline in Autosketch, went down to my local recycled building supplies shop and a couple of old pine cupboard doors, and a slightly darker one, not sure exactly what it is but oh well. I decided to layer the three pieces through the body. This build was more or less an experiment but its coming along alright!, here's a few pics

Rough wood

Gluing bottom and middle section

After routing out the middle section

With a bit of stain

Cutting f holes in the top

Used a pair of odd-leg calipers on the body edge to make a routing pattern for rough radiusing the top and bottom faces pre sanding

The top as of a few hours ago

Gotta get a neck sorted, going to order a trapeze tailpiece and arch top bridge tonight maybe, thinking about putting in a P90, piezo or single coil pup up by the neck, but we'll see

Cheers! progress to come tomorrow or so

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That looks like it's going to turn out amazing. I second P90's. Also a bigsby?

I was thinking about it, but I cant justify the cost of a bigsby for whats really a bit of a muck around build, so just gonna stick with a trapeze, although I'm I do kind of feel like making the trapeze myself, milling the body out of brass maybe

Today started sanding down the routing steps smooth, its still a pretty rough sand right now buts its looking pretty good!


Looks great! What do pine guitars sound like?
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Wouldn't have a clue, cant say I've ever played one, but we'll see

maybe its just me, but i feel as though that guitar is crying out for a bigsby style tremolo.
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Can't afford that right now with buying parts for my other build so it's just going to be a trapeze

Hopefully that guitar doesn't start changing shape on you too bad. Pine is almost impossible to get completely dry.
Yeah man don't bump old threads, even if their my awesome ones......cough cough

As per updates, haven't done too much lately because Ive been working on my double neck build quite a bit, although juuuuuust now I ordered the trapeze tailpiece, rosewood arch top bridge, and some white binding, decided i wanted to bind the F holes and outside edges. Gonna buy the neck next week because I cant be bothered making one just for a guitar made out of old cupboards lol, but when I get it ill finish off all my routing and poly the whole lot.

And i was wondering, Ive got a few humbuckers lying around, who thinks I should put one in? Thought it could be rather interesting/hilarious having one in my little archtop.


Today got me some white binding, my trapeze, and the bridge in the mail so did a little bit today,

heres a progress shot of binding the f holes, just need to be scraped down

and a little mock up, minus the humbucker which still needs a new cover and ring

decided since I did a white binding that ill go white pickup ring, and paint the face of the headstock white too

I am absolutely loving this. Keep it up!

I like the binding in the F-holes. And if you don't mind my asking, what'd you use to cut them? Just the router?
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Very nice! I am stunned by how well the top came out from the steps to the smooth carve. I look forward to any more progress!
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have fun with those knots in your top... that's not gonna be fun

I like the binding in the F-holes. And if you don't mind my asking, what'd you use to cut them? Just the router?

Cheers man, I just cut them out with my scroll saw then used my trimmer and a file to clean up the edges.

have fun with those knots in your top... that's not gonna be fun

Na mate, it'll be okay, their only very small, and considering their not in a part of the body that has to take the stress from the tension on the guitar strings im not worried at all, if anything it adds character

Hey guys, sooooooo guess what happened today?


And im not gonna lie, stuffs rather f**ked up here. Oliver got a nasty ding in his body when he fell off a shelf, and my amp speaker box fell onto my leg and messed it up a fair bit, but other than that everything could be worse. after shock after after shocks coming and they say that we should expect another category 7 quake in an hour or so, so wish me luck!

that is all

Shit, dude... pack him down in foam in a hardcase or something, wouldn't want anything more to happen. Best of luck dude, that sucks!
hardcore yo. id start setting all my stuff on the floor, and tying shit to walls.
no sir away a papaya war is on
hardcore yo. id start setting all my stuff on the floor, and tying shit to walls.

Yeah man ive gone pretty overboard with tying my stuff down, im in major lockdown in my room lol

And im off to have a hopefully blissful, uneventful sleep without dying preferably lol

See ya guys!

don't die i wanna see this guitar finished also dying would suck

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Woo! made it through last night without dying or getting owned by my speaker cab again. There were tonnes of big tremors though, so probably got a hour or two of sleep, anyway did any of you guys hear about it? The quake in Christchurch, New Zealand?

Well back to the GB&C content, took a look at oliver today and the bridge is gonna cover one of the marks, and the other im pretty sure i can sand down even without it being noticeable, so gonna post photos in a day or two!

Hey guys, bit of an update, its all still pretty messed up here, we still get around 3-5 magnitude aftershocks everyday, and expecting them for a week or two yet, my house is damaged, my workshops a mess, my girlfriends house is in pieces, but out of all adversity comes some good, and here it is

Shown here as a mock up, gonna make a pick up ring for it out of pine i think

dang bro, i hate to hear that. your build is looking good though.

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Very cool!

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Ollie's getting poly!

Coming up quite nice, its a tad cold today, but hopefully that'll just suck some of the moisture out of the air. Photos soon!

Sooo you'll never guess, Oliver was sitting on my workbench, and another MOTHER F**CKING AFTERSHOCK CAME, and Oliver consequently fell off the bench, onto the concrete floor.....

Fml I'm an idiot lol, but 2 hours of solid hand sanding later, I'm ready to poly again!
It's just plain clear poly got a couple of coats on, waiting to head back out there

HA! I knew that'd happen. Damn earthquakes. Tell me you shouted "oliver!" like on top gear...

Pretty much dude, the language I used was totally forum inappropriate hahaha