Hey guys. Back again, been going through a pretty tough time here. But like alotta things, I believe this is a silver lining. Although I've had to deal with these problems, I've been provided with a muse now. Finally finished another short one here. Any and all critiques will be accepted. Thanks guys.

"Purity Undone"

She's the reason I'm up at night,
Writing these unsensible ideas.
That in the long run,
Seem to make perfect sense.

The reason why I feel I'm insane
Everything she's done,
Is putting her to shame.
She doesn't see it.
It's all "the same".
All apart of our conceited game.

How does one become so blind?
Who's corrupted that sweet mind?
Maybe you could share some wisdom.
As to why the flower has wilted,
The color has faded,
The virgin has become a wh*re,
The purity was no more.
It's very nice, I like it.
It all flows very well up until "the virgin has become a *****", I don't think that line flows very well with the rest, maybe consider shortening that part.
Other than that it's great.

Best dirty pick-up line...
Quote by hide_the_beer
I wish you were my homework so I could slam you on my desk and do you all night long