Hey UG,

Ive ben listening to a lot if metal lately....mainly bullet for my valentine, escape the fate etc. and i need a new guitar to thats better suited to metal, i have £500 to spend, and i need some advice on whats best.

At th moment my rig is.... start or slash les paul----->lovepedal amp 50---->ibanez wh-10---->boss ds-2----->big muff----->boss dd-3----->marshall jcm 900 (:

thanks guys
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Look at ESP-LTD and Ibanez oh and Jackson aswell
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In UK look at Cort. They are well made (Cort make many Jackson, Schecter, LTD and some Ibanez models).
I know Tim Ellis has some nice Explorer and V models with Wilko overwound pups which may or may not suit you, but at his prices a swap to Irongear Steamhammers would still leave you well within budget.
Have you decided if you want hardtail or FR?
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I'd recommend a BC Rich Virgo, the Celtic edition is rather cheap and VERY versatile! Any type of metal can be played, and in fact, any type of music really!
imo guitars specifically designed for metal are lacking in quality, i'd recommend a les paul with emg pickups
dude you dont need to buy a new guitar you can simply change pups on either of your guitars.. I wouldnt do that on slash special

another option is washburn pro 50 fe.. nice guitar!

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I'd seriously go jackson. I absolutely love mine (dk2m), although i can never decide whether i want it drop tuned or not lol.

Mine came perfectly set up with brand new strings. However, it is a Floyd Rose bridge, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

Much better action
Trem bar goes both ways
locking tuners to help stay in tune
longer string life

poor setup means it can go out of tune alot
at first it'll take much longer to tune/string change-gets easier after a while