Hey guys im just wondering if you were to put 6 bass strings on an electric guitar and use clean sound, would it come out sounding lika regular bass or at least very similar?
Just a heavier gauge for a thicker bassier sound.
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I'd imagine it would sound terrible, if you actually got the strings to fit and the neck didn't snap!! Im pretty positive that this would be a bad idea..

I'm with you. For a start they simply wouldn't fit. I'm pretty sure that the bridge, nut and tuning pegs on a guitar would be too small to take bass strings.

Why on earth would you want to do this anyway?
i cant imagine it would work at all. The strings wouldn't fit on the neck, if you were to use a proper 6 string bass pack. They wouldn't fit in the bridge, or the tuning pegs for that matter.

I guess you could try and pick up a pack of strings for a short scale bass, replace the bridge and tuning pegs on a guitar, and it might(probably won't) work. But having done all that, it would be easier and cheaper to buy a cheap bass.
Get short scale, piccolo strings instead, they will be much better.

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Even piccolo strings made for a short scale bass would cause problems. Firstly using long scale bass strings would be a disaster- as the guitar scale is shorter, you'd need to detune like hell to get to the correct octave. At that point it would be unplayable.

Piccolo strings are in the same octave as a normal guitar. Now, putting that on a shorter scale instrument like a guitar will lead to exactly the same issue as before. Not so much if you want to stay in guitar octaves, but then that completely defeats the point of what ou want to do.