Ok so i recently bought Learn and Master guitar because i am learning to play, a great instructional dvd for people learning to play guitar, it teaches you the basics. It also teaches classical, jazz and blues, which you should learn, even if you don't want to specialise in those areas because it teaches skills you will need anyway.

Anyway, you can download the PDF lesson book, which is all the finger exercises, for free (i got a booklet with the purcase, and right in the notes because i don't see the point in reading musical notation, but you can print out the pages).

I definitely recommend reading this if you are a beginner (for finger exercises, try playing at different tempos, try and play then at 90bpm), and probably even Intermediate guitar players. (you might learn something)

anyway i've finished my ramble, enjoy.


Note: there is a lesson book, and a bonus resource book, they ARE different, have different exercises, and different songs for you to play. (try mastering them at 90 bpm)

those looking for bass guitar:


and blues guitar tips:


yeah pretty much any of their pdfs. just stick /resources in front of the adress and you'll get a list of pfd's and other stuff
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