Ok so I've decided to save up some money and get myself a new electric.

I'm torn between getting some form of Les Paul or Strat. As you can see at the moment I have a Squier Affinity Strat which is my first guitar.

I like to play things such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, The Jam, any other raw British rock bands like these, Red Hot Chili Peppers and then stuff like AC/DC and Metallica (bits).

Would I be better off getting something like an Epiphone Les Paul Standard as I already have a strat type guitar?

I've heard the pickups on the Epiphone Les Pauls arent up to much so with the extra cash I could upgrade them.

If you were to suggest a Strat type guitar which one? Mexican, Used American (possibly) etc....

If you were to suggest a Les Paul type guitar which one?

Any other recommendations there may be instead of a Strat or Les Paul?

Buying used is also an option.

I live in the UK so for all my American friends £400 is about $600.

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1) Hard to answer: you want a LP or strat? Ha!

2) Epi stock pups are okay.

3) Can't really say.

4) Epiphone line, anything from Standard to the higher end models. Choose whichever pleases your eye the most. Make sure it doesn't have a baseball bat neck. Thomann's got rather cheap prices, free delivery and money-back... they also give price reduction if there are slight faults.

5) Schecter makes superstrats, which look "classical" (Hence C-1 classic etc.) but have big bodies with H-H -pickup conf -> More like a les paul with a longer scale and 24 frets. Ibanez line has few as well...