I put on a new low E string, put it through the tuning peg, it's secure, I can pick the guitar up with it, I start turning the peg anti-clockwise and the string is in tune already, but the string hasn't gone round the tuning peg at all, can anyone help me?
Start with a bit of slack, try holding the string up so it's slightly taut and won't slip out of the peg, then just turn the peg, lowering your hand with the string.
my advice is put the string in, and pull it tight, now grab where the string meets the next tuning peg, and slide it back to wards the body of the guitar, and hold it there as you start to wind, also
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thread the string thru the bridge.

lay the long string along the board up to the tuner.
it's going to be so long, that it's going to be way longer than it needs to be.

measure 2-3 inches past the tuner that you intend to thread thru.

bend the string there.

that "kink" in the string is a mark.

thread the long string thru the tuner ONLY UP TO THAT MARK!!!!!!

now you have a floppy string on the board. start winding. each wind under the first.
direction wise, go up around the inner part of the tuner to the outside.

it's not always easy to help this floppy string while you turn, BUT try, or get a friend to help.

the string slack will pick up and gain tension after you have a few winds around the string.

tune up, you are done.

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