His birthday is 2moro and he told me his parents said they would buy him an amp in the 200 range.

He says he wants a Fender Vibro Champ XD. Would that be a solid choice?

He's using a Squier Fat Strat HSS, and plays blues/classic rock, with a little 70s/early 80s metal. Mostly Hendrix, Clapton, BB King, Jeff Beck, SRV, Ritchie Blackmore type stuff.

He also likes using the wah pedal. Does the Champ have any problems taking pedals?
I think it takes pedals quite well, it's a hybrid right?
Might want to also consider a used Blues Junior or Superchamp too.
Fender looks like a decent choice though.
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Quote by Oldmonkeys
this friend is you isnt it?

No, it really isn't. I don't play blues, first of all.

Second, that amp does get as heavy as I would want it to.

+, I don't use a Fat Strat.