Don't hesitate to tell me how great I am.

This is a new song i made which was inspired by the music in pirates of the carribean by hans zimmer and klaus badelt.
No, this is an experimental piece I'm performing with my band. Where influenced by Mars Volta and King Crimson.
This is just an opinion coming from someone who puts complexity before anything else in songwriting.
Honestly, I REALLY did not like the intro. It was just...boring. Most of the rest was great, but...If I heard this for more than once through, I would simply press the "next track" button. Really, the rest was good mostly.
26 would sound better with distortion on the second guitar.
Bar 29-30...I don't like this. I think that (since apparently dissonance is a big part of this...song...anyways) you should use other barred frets to make it even more...insane sounding, I guess.
I enjoyed the major 2nd harmonizing (if you can call it that) at bar 31-35. I'm a big fan of more dissonant stuff like that. Bar 37 actually I really DID NOT like, but 38-40 was great. YES! At bar 46 you brought back half of that major second harmony over the one that starts at 42. That was awesome. At bar 56, I also liked the accordion slides, it gave that section a more chaotic feel. However, the tremolo picking section at the end...I don't think you'll be playing that anytime soon, and it's fast enough that I can't hear differences between notes that aren't repeated.
So all I really have to say is
1. The intro is REALLY boring.
2. Other than that, I would probably listen to this song a lot.
3. How does this sound piratey at all? I don't get it.