Hi All!

I am hoping someone can help me, I have a bit of an odd request. Here goes:

I have a "Strat" self-build-kit where I had mounted 1 humbucker, and 1 single, 1 volume, with a 3-way switch, working fine. Now I want to add a singlecoil but keep the 3-way switch the way it is; hum-blend-single, and just add an extra volume pot for the new single, to be able to blend it in with either of the 3-way positions. Like two separate circuits. BUT IT DON'T WORK. I'm no expert to say the least. I just thought I could put in the single coil, run it through a pot, and then to the output - I was wrong.

If my request is not possible I would want the 2 singles working together (as one), with one volume control, and the humbucker working with another volume control, and somehow use the 3-way switch for this... If that is indeed more doable. I have searched for diagrams but cannot seem to find one that will solve my problem.

Any help will be appreciated.

Oh, I have no tone controls involved, just to make that clear.

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get a 5-way switch

TS doesnt WANT one.

you can run another pup to a pot and straight to the jack.

go to the wiring thread and actually post a diagram of what you did. not a diagram of what you WANT to do, but go through and trace the guitar itself. that way we can spot errors.

kinda impossible to help witout a diagram...