Im interested in buying a Jazz Book, like a book with lessons, scales, techniques, backing tracks etc. I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations for a book? Ive read good things about Ted Greene's Chord Chemistry and the Jazz Theory Book seems to be quite popular but I just want to know everyones opinons first.
The Jazz Theory book, since it´s the standart, but if you want to be really educated, then visit some jazz-workshops! There are very good ones all over the world, so there may be one in your place, too!
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What to Listen for in Jazz by Barry Kernfeld is a very interesting jazz book. It looks at theory from the perspective of jazz, though it is also written for people with no prior knowledge of music theory or jazz. It takes you through both the basic and more advanced elements of jazz, including everything from big band to bop, and, possibly most importantly, it explains why these techniques are used.
What to listen for in jazz is quite an amazing book. Chord Chemistry, even though it has little to do with Jazz, will help with chord ideas you have never thought of before.
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