hi im sorry but could someone please tell me which forum on ultimate guitar do i post a question about tabs . i am just learning about tabs and would like to know what d/e is as i know what a open e or open d is but don't know them when they are put together . i know this may sound retarded but any help is appreciated . thanks jim from scotland
D/E is a slash chord, that basically means that you have a D chord where you use an E as a bass note. I suggest looking up slash chords here on the site, there are some pretty good lessons.
it's not an inversion. inversions only come as a, b or c. Such as Da would be a D chord over the Root note (D). Db (not D flat) would be a D chord with the Root placed on top and on top of the 3rd of the chord (A). And Dc would be a D Chord with the 3rd of the chord placed on top of the 2nd inversion and the 5th (F#) as the lowest note.

Da = D F# A
Db = F# A D
Dc = A F# D

Slash chords are different, D/E would be E D F# A.

Hope this helps .