Right... being a complete idiot, I woke up and tripped straight over my jack lead (I know, it'll teach me not to leave it laying across my floor). The main problem is, the tip's still stuck inside my amp and I can't seem to prise it out (even by attempting to dismantle it). Is this a fixable problem, and if so how much d'you expect it'd cost roughly to get it sorted?

Dont go messing with it yourself unless you know what you are doing!! What kind of amp are you using? Valve amps can till have very high voltages stored in the capacitators, and need to be drained before fiddling with the electrics.
I cant see a simple repair such as this costing you a lot, it should be relatively simple, id doubt a new jack would even be needed
Yees, don't worry (I'm not ****ing anything up - I just tried to access the socket from behind to to try and push it out, but everything seems to be glued as well as screwed). It's just a crappy 30W spider, but still... it's all I have to make noise with XD Thanks
I think there was a similar thread to this a few months back. same problem and with a spider also if my memory serves me right, il go search for it and see how he got on. If i find it ill get back to you!