Recently, i started practicsing sweep picking, and trying to get past the phase of making tonnes of noise when going up the strings. Ive only practised about 3 days, and im already making far less noise, however, i think my rhythm skills (the skills i love the most) have suffered because of this. I make so much more noise when playing the simplest palm-mute riff now. What's gone off? its simple stuff i've known ages now, and ive suddenly crashed. any ideas?

Useful people are welcome here, Grammer-junkies and Gear bombers aren't

Anyway, I think it could be that you're sweeping the strings a bit more (arpeggio like), instead of just "thrusting" your pick against them as you do when playing normal rhythm guitar.
One thing is that you have to get used to sweep picking. Its going to take some time to get used to doing simple riffs and sweep pick right after eachother. I suggest playing riffs slow to a metronome. This will help train your brain. And finally just suggest that you dont just work on sweep picking, but work on different techniques as well so your mind doesn't become so used to one thing

as for the noise make sure your holding your pick straight
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cant help you much but i tell you about myself.....
when i do arpeggios my palm is loose and my fingers hang down kind of.when i play rhythm i have more of a fist kind of.so its like 2 modes for me.and i never had this problem.just take it slow analyzing yourself and see if you can figure out something....hope that helps.probably not,but i still hope so.
Perhaps you are angling your pick, and thus getting more attack than desired?
Thanks guys. ill take all these on board, and see where im going wrong. and cheesecakes4, I'll let you off on that Grammar mistake, since it was epic fail on my behalf :P
have all you been practicing the last 3 days is sweeping?

if you have maybe your hearing what your rhythm 'actually' sounds like. Im not saying its bad, but sometimes if you stop practicing something for a few days, then go back to it, you actually hear what it sounds like. i dont know how to explain it super clearly but if you understand this props

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I'll back maximumrocker. Because you were focussed more on the sweeping and making sure there was no extra noises ringing out, you've started properly listening to yourself. And now that you return to rhythm you now hear the noise. It was there before, you just weren't listening properly.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.