Hi everyone, I've been wanting a black telecaster for a while, like full black, angry metalcaster tele, but I couldn't really find one that fit perfect (I'm extremely picky). I decided then that I might have to mod out a guitar to get it how I want it, but even then I've been having trouble.

I could never quite get the right, I wanted something with Humbuckers for EMGs and a sustainer, ebony neck, black hardware, and a neck similar to the John 5 Squire (Black with a white logo).

To get to the point, I was wondering if it would be possible to take the Jim Root Telecaster (in black)


Take the Neck off, and replace it with the neck from a Jim Adkins Telecaster


Replace the pickguard with the black one of the other Jim Root model, replace the neck pup with a sustainer, and hey presto, perfect guitar (for me)

Basicly, is this even possible? I know nothing about building guitars and will be getting a local shop to do it for me. Thanks.
Wow, you like people whose names start with J don't you! Anyway if both guitars are bolt on it will be a simple fix but if set neck I doubt you'll be able to :P
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Sounds possible, but why not check out the Ibanez Prestige FR something (can't remember the number)? It's tele style, comes in black, I played one yesterday, and it's a killer guitar in every aspect. If you want EMGs or other metal pups, you could just replace the stock ones. Would be cheaper, too.

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The Jim Adkins is a set neck so putting it onto the Jim Root would be one heck of a challenge. Ever played the neck that comes with the JR? It has a looooovely cutaway and both comfortable and fast. Also the locking tuners are a godsend.

It appears to me that you are looking for the Jim Root Tele, just with a few colour alterations?

Could you not buy the neck from the white JR and put it on the black, if its purely aesthetics here? Also replacing the pickguard etc. will be easy peasy.
The Ibanez FR looks sweet, just looked it up.
But I think there is still something to be admired about the retro looking Telecaster blasting out Metal with active EMG's. I love Jim Root for that.

The bodies are pretty much identical / pick guard shape different.
different headstocks.

Ibanez FR Prestige in black --

Tele in black --
Thanks for the replys everyone.

I'm not really a fan of that Ibanez, I really want the exact Fender Telecaster shape and headstock (as I said, I am really picky haha).

And yeah I have played the Jim Root neck, it is very nice neck (and guitar for that matter) and your completely right, it is purely asthetics, but I'd feel like I half-assed it if I didn't get it completely how I wanted it, and I'm such a looks ***** I would be unhappy with it if its not completely perfect.

Seeing as it won't fit, does anyone know about any other fender necks that are designed like that?
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my friend got a squier with normal tele routed and put a rail in it, he plays in a local metalcore band. i suppose if you could find a nice rail pickup you could put in and change the pickguard? or even get a humbucker routed pickguard, change the routes in the body and get a humbucker routed bridge?

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just to check if im clear: You want a bolt on neck with a rosewood or ebony fretboard and a black painted headstock?

The aerodyne telecaster might have what youre looking for, in terms of the neck anyway, 22 frets, rosewood board, black headstock. Its a discontiued model but you might pick one up on ebay?Tele aerodyne
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Ok, I feel that you should buy the black Jim Root tele, a sustainer, and a black pickguard for starters.

Contact a dealer/Fender to see if you can buy a rosewood/ebony neck with a black headstock
If not: have a look at the Warmoth Custom necks, try contacting them - They can design a neck exactly like you are after easily, and for relatively cheaply.
Even then if you dont like those- buy a rosewood/ebony neck and get a custom paint job.
Yeah the neck seems to be the only problem atm, But yeah I will definatly contact Fender, I'll need to for the pickguard from them anyway because as said above the Jim Root tele has a larger cutaway.

And yeah that Aerodyne neck is exacly what I'm looking for Now to get hold of one, lol

Thanks for the help everyone