Hi I was looking into buying the combustion series Dingwall, but then I somehow came into a little extra money . So now I want to look into more of the higher series of the Dingwall, but I have no idea the prices on any of them and there is nothing on the website or on google shopping, and no website that sells Basses carry them. So if anybody knows the price on any of the Dingwalls (especially the z1) then please leave a response.

Oh my names sam too. Im afraid i dont know anywere in the states that sells them. But your best bet is to email dingwall and ask who has a dealership with them in your area.

Good thing your going for one of the higher models. Ive heard bad reviews about the combustion series.
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Well I have e-mailed dingwall, but no response and I've also looked on their website for their dealers, went to the dealers websites and looked for prices, but no solid answers. Cant find it anywhere.
I'm damn sure the prices are on their site. Hang on I'll have a look.

EDIT: Ah, can't see anything on the site, I could've sworn they were on there last time I looked. But from googling around it seems like you're looking at around $3600 US.
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Ebay one: not Z1

Online store: not Z1

Canadian one: Very confusing, with all details and specs in title-can you get the same bass with different specs(with a different price)?