Ok so I’ve had a SS amp since I started playing guitar a year and a half ago. I’ve never used pedals until recently. It was always my intention to get to this point, but I’ve had to upgrade my amp, and then my guitar, and now I’m finally at the point where I want to expand my sound and get some pedals. I bought a Big Muff w/tone wicker, cause I love fuzz and it was an easy decision. But I’m so over whelmed with the choice for a regular distortion pedal. Boss seems to be popular, but I’ve also heard they suck :/ I do like the Metal Muff pedal… but if anyone has any other suggestions that would be great.

I also see dudes with like 10 pedals in their arsenal. What the hell are they all for? Like what would the essentials be? A wah pedal, distortion, fuzz… and then is it just effects? Like chorus, delay etc etc. What do compressors do? Gain boost?

I’m pretty satisfied with the effects on my amp (Vox VT50 – chorus, delay, echo, flanger, rotary, tremelo), but what pedals will offer more sound options for me?

I play mostly metal… in the stonerish vein. Hence the Big Muff. I prefer a watery sort of sound to my cleans (simply due to the songs I like to play)… like a chorus + delay effect is the best I have for that right now. Is there anything I could get to really get that surreal… ethereal sound?
OK do you like dimebad's sound ?

Get a Fullborne metal dist.

Alsa Digitech TSL2 (spelling) or something like that is good


these 2 is great for metal and other stuff