hey, Im new here and I have a question

Im trying to play stairway to heaven and Im stuck at the solo were there's a "b" in front of some numbers (Im playing by tabs), what does this "b" mean? I figured out what p and h means but this one I cant!

please help!
p is a pull of, h is a hammer on, b is a bend.

If you're new enough that you don't know what a bend is, it's when you pull the string up or down to bend the note up however many pitches you want. You can find videos on youtube of it to see how it's done, if you don't know how that is. If not then good luck on your song, and don't give up if it seems daunting to learn it all. Just start playing it slowly and clean then speed it up.
b stands for bend, sometimes followed by a number - for example:

7b(9) = In this case you would bend the 7th fret of that string until it matches the pitch of the 9th fret. As mention above, I suggest watching some videos on bending so your bends aren't off pitch.

In the future, please post all guitar related questions in either the Electric Guitar forum or Guitar Techniques forum.
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