Nicely done. I am actually getting ready to video myself doing the song also. I put out a ad on bandmix for "guitar player looking for coverband" and I am videoing myself jamming some songs so they can get a idea of what I am about.

Some covers I just improvise a solo to but some songs like Walk this way I decided learning the solo close to note for note was the better option.

You need to get yourself a band and start jamming out with some of those songs. How is the club scene for live bands in Russia? Where I am at on the west coast Florida it is good. Lots of bars and clubs for live bands to play, for many kinds of music.
awesome cover man, very nice playing. and a response to veggie...i know that vid is awesome right? i got it linked to me like a month ago haha.
LK_revival, Thank you mate! Actually it is very difficult to play this solo close to note... The solo is difficult for understending I think)) And I did it in my own way. It's sounds similar, but not exactly.

Thank you for your advice. Yes, I'm looking for a band now. Fortunately in Russia musician have a rather good opportunity to play on club scene. We have a lot, blues pubs. I like blues very much and often I go there, jamming with other musicians! =) In Moscow and in St.Petersburg there are a lot of bars and clubs!) Citizen enjoy it very much - to spend spare time with a glass of beer listening to a good music! =)

Thanks for your comment!
P.S. Sorry for my english!))