I'm thinking in building a cabinet (getting one built, most likely) for a head I'll be buying in September.

I play classic and hard rock and some metal, and currently own a 15W all tube amp that has a 10" eminence speaker in it.

Since I'll be bringing the speakers from the US, I won't have much chance to test them. So all I have to rely on are the opinions of other users.

So, my first idea was to get to Celestion V30, but after reading some forums, I think that an Eminence Governor might be a better deal. I went on to read some more, and I found some people recommending mixing different speakers for a better dynamic range.

What are your thoughts in building a 212 cab with a Eminence Governor and a Wizard?

Also, the head I'll probably get will be either an Egnater Rebel 30 or the 30W from Orange, but I'm also considering an Egnater Renegade 65W, therefore I'd appreciate your opinion on it as well.


I found that a while back and thought it was a good read. I don't think they had the Wizard at that time, though.


American-voiced speaker article if anyone's interested as well.
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These two articles make for an excellent read, but now I'm even more torn

The Red Fang also looks like a good alternative for mixing with the Governor.

Anyone with experience in mixing Eminence Red Coats? Which two speakers sound best together?