Well, finally got around to posting this. Picked it up about a week and a half ago for $400

Laney GH50L

Here's the rundown:
- 50 watts
- single channel
- gain boost (footswitchable)
- 2 x EL34's (6L6 bias switch)
- 4 x 12AX7's
- series, parallel and bypass effects loop (switch on back)
- Resonance switch
- High & Low inputs
- Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Gain, Master volume, Drive

First off, this thing is LOUD.
Louder than most amps I've played. Initial impression was that it was also very bright. I solved that by replacing the V1 Chinese made TAD preamp tube with a dark JJ ECC83S. Keeping the treble and presence relatively low help a lot too. I also boost the front end with a Fulltone OCD, which is very thick and smooth sounding for a boost.
I love the amp's straight forward design. Very simple, and very effective. The effects loop can be switched from series, to parallel to bypassed completely. This is a feature many high end amps don't offer. So that was a nice surprise. I bypass the loop for a simpler signal path and it seems to have better dynamics this way. The loop also has a level dial, which is great for choosing how wet or dry you want your setup to be with effects.
The tone is unique. It is very much classic british, but also very modern. Almost as if and Orange had sex with an Engl.
It's also very open sounding, and articulate. High gain picking stays clear and pronounced. The low end is tight and juicy all at the same time. The mids are very pleaseant, and high settings do not create ear fatigue at all.
I've found the amp sounds best through my V30 loaded Randall 2x12, which is a bit darker than my other two cabs.

So, I'm very happy with this amp. For the price these go for, they stomp a lot of the competetion. They do take some detailed tweaking, because they are very picky with guitar, pickup, speaker and tube choices. Play one if you get the chance!
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I've got one of these, too. Got JJs in the preamp and either TAD EL34s or JJ 6L6s in the poweramp. Don't throw away the TAD it came with, those are actually nice tubes, but the GH50 really profits from something darker like a JJ.

If you can, check the bias. I know some people say it doesn't matter much and you won't notice if it's slightly off, but I played around with it yesterday and adjusting it improved the tone a lot. Even more than swapping preamp tubes in my case.

Try a pair of 6L6 in it if you can be arsed. It's not necessarily better (in fact, I think I prefer EL34s in this amp), but it cuts out some of the high mids, which can be a bit overwhelming with this amp.



A GH is a hell of an amp once you got it set up right.
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Congrats, dood!
Love the amp/cab family pic
Seems like a pretty damn good buy for $400.
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Nice! Always loved these ones
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My experience with this amp is very similar to yours. It sounds much better with a tubescreamer in front and an eq pedal taming the highs.

HNAD, never played the 50W version, but I love these amps.
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Thanks guys. It really is a great amp.

Quailman, thanks for the tips. I agree, the TAD tubes are really nice sounding. I left all of them in there except for the V1 where I put a JJ. I tried other pre's in the other spots, but the TADs sound really lively and articulate.

I'll eventually do some power tube swapping, but the EL34's sound great. Will probably try some KT77's next.
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