Not entirely sure that this should go here, though I think it's ok since I have seen similar threads in other forums. This doesn't have to do with customizing something precisely, but more about what gets you in the mood, or how you like to operate.

This thread is to discuss rituals or habits you have when you're working, conditions that you need, things that inspire you, things that you want to imitate, new things that you want to try, how you approach building or customizing, what your goals are, what styles you prefer, how projects make you feel... the list goes on.

Basically, this thread is to show (to give just a glimpse of) how your mind works when you're in your "special mode" of building, customizing, fixing, planning, whatever. So we can get an idea of how you tick, and maybe see how it affects your projects.

If you want to link to anything you've made or seen that's relevant to what you're talking about, a favorite project you've done, something you've always admired, etc. bring it.

Leisurely atmosphere, but please don't just spam.
Art is Vice. You don't marry it legitimately, you rape it...
-Edgar Degas
well,for me im a madman,paceing my bedroom floor hours a day doesnt help for effiency.i found that the only way i can calm down enough to focus on a project is to make it seem super important and fun.ill sit,and write down absolutely everything i want to do.that gets to chilled enough to start on whatever,its about the only way i can operate.music in the background doesnt hurt,but thats normally the time i listen to mellow stuff.
p.s.looked at your profile,glad to see someone else who dont like indie rock,why do people think that garbege is good? indie rock is for...nevermind,trying to stay calm p.s.favorite songs to listen to when on a project is like black sabbaths "solitude"
I'm pretty much the same way haha.. I have about a billion ideas, and during the planning stages my mind is all over the place. I can't even guess how many pages of notebooks, computer paper, and sticky notes I have stacked up with information, tricks, ideas, and sketches. Once I start building though, I like to chill way down. Usually this means donning some really comfortable clothes, sitting down outside in the quiet (or inside under loud music) and just focusing on it. Sometimes I like to smoke my pipe while I work. (It's just a tobacco pipe.. chill. An old-school one). It helps me focus somehow ha.

For type of music: I normally go with more mellow stuff that still has some edge (some Gorillaz, some Pink Floyd, some Blind Mellon...) but sometimes I just need something to energize me. Whenever I finish something, I'm normally on cloud 9 for about 24 solid hours.

OH! Almost forgot. I seem to have a hat that I wear whenever I work... Not sure why. I don't do it intentionally, but I almost always end up wearing it. It's just a plain, drab green cadet-style hat.. I think my friend got it free with some shoes he got from journey's, so he gave it to me... I dunno. Just know it does a really good job at keeping my hair out of my eyes.

Oh, and CAGEDtheory.. Wanna know the bad part ha? it's my fiance's favorite genre of music.. And she hates most harder rock/alt rock/post grunge etc. haha.. needless to say, we have a hard time finding concerts to go to. But when we do find a band we both like? We typically love them.
Art is Vice. You don't marry it legitimately, you rape it...
-Edgar Degas
haha,nice man,very nice...i actually like the gorillaz too,i guess because its apart of my child hood,i remember the album "demon days" coming out and running to go get it practicly the next day....speaking of hats,and of my childhood,i use to have a sailors hat.something similar to this
i wore that hat everyday for about 3 years....i was such a weird kid...anyway,ima run,see ya.
Honestly, when I'm building, I kind of regret starting builds. I love to do it, but it's love-hate.

I don't get in some super odd mode, I just do what needs to be done. I try to keep level headed and not fly around doing things. Rushing with power tools isn't my thing.

I like to work in short time frames. Most of the time I am gluing things, as cutting, shaping and all that doesn't take very long.
Rushing with power tools is bad. >_> You either eff up your project or you fingers... or get a bracelet caught in an orbital sander...
Art is Vice. You don't marry it legitimately, you rape it...
-Edgar Degas