EDIT: Link is up now. That's an okay unit at best. What do you want to do with it?
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Go with a vox tonelab st. sounds way better.
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It's a solid little unit. I had its predecessor (RP250) and it was a great bit of fun to mess around with. It doesn't have the greatest tones, I found it sounded pretty bad recorded. If you are just looking for something to mess around with that ME unit should suit you just fine.
every digitech rp i've tried have been probably the worst multieffects pedals i've used. they are incredibly confusing to use and most of been pretty dissapointing if you ask me. They are easily the most confusing pedal i've every used, and about 90% of the effects are mediocre at best. Delays weren't bad, and the chorus was decent, but other than that I was not impressed at all. If you're dead set on a multieffects pedal I would look elsewhere than the rp series.

look at some line 6 pedals
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Go with a vox tonelab st. sounds way better.

I actually saw this after I posted this thread. I'm pretty avid on buying it instead now; considering it will go well with my VOX amp. =]
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