For sale is my 2004 Gibson SG voodoo

Pics below;




Comes with case (busted lock). Neck has been repaired but it's unnoticeable.

A word about the neck break. This is a common problem on one-piece mahogany necks, and is particularly common on Gibson SGs. The repair is spot on, and affects neither tone, sustain or playability.

Taking sensible offers, and trades.
Forgot to mention, it is wired up with the original gibson pots (or new CTS if you prefer) and original black/red knobs, they were out in that photo due to removing some other pickups.
Oh man that's gorgeous.
I would love to take this off your hands but I don't think I have enough cash to add onto a trade with you.
Would It Be Ok, Would It Be Ok, If I Took Your Breath Away?
You're probably looking at a hundred bucks minimum just for the shipping, plus whatever customs charge over there.
Boomp. looking at acoustics, metal-style guitars, but considering anything interesting (and cash of course).
hey buddy, i may have a decent netbook i can partX with you for this beaut. How much you after for it without anything else as to swap