There will be lyrics, they just don't exist yet.

I don't even know if I'll write the lyrics myself, or if I'll turn it over to my bandmates for that. However, they will most likely just be in the sections labeled as Verses and Choruses; the rest will most likely be left instrumental.
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I really like it, but I dont really like the chords in the chorus (specifically the third bar of it). Maybe its just me, but I dont think it fits all that well. But overall its a good song, really liked the solos.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this. I didn't like the solos much at all and I'll talk about that in a second. Otherwise, it didn't work as an instrumental for me, but imagining vocals did me well. The drums were interesting for me, and the way things broke down so much for the solo reminded me a bit of Porch by Pearl Jam. I love the technique.

Anyway, I thought the phrasing in the solos were awkward. I say this about a lot of the pieces I listen to on the form. Take a lot at some famous solos and look at the rhythm of the notes and compare that to yours. Maybe that will give you some insight.
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Intro - I felt it dragged on too long, but seeing as this song isn't some 200bpm power metal, it's fine

Verse - Seems like you're just extending the intro, which already was long enough

Chorus - I think Logan should do a counter-melody here

Post-chorus - I hate Logan[37-39], the rest is ok

Verse - Good

Interlude - Loved it! Sounds awesome

Solo - The repeating-three-note-parts got annoying, 61-64 were good though, bar 63 was great

Chorus - I'm not a fan of playing the open notes in 6-string-chords on distortion; chorus was ok

Verse - same old, bit repetitive

Break - Far too long and it's basically the verse, hated it

Interlude - Should've used the original interlude, that one was way better

Chorus - good

Solo - Nothing special, but not bad

Chorus - good, Logan's lead could be better though

Outro - Didn't really do it for me, I normally love outros where everything goes quiet and you just have one instrument playing the intro/chorus/verse again, but this was about the 5th time Zach played that verse-part. Logan's last 3 bars don't really work either

Overall: Good, but could be better

Thanks for the crit!
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