Okay so Ive been listening to a lot of acoustic stuff lately (all fingerstyle) and I noticed a few guys would do this thing where they hit a natural harmonic on like the 5th 7th or 12th fret (I can do that, that's not the question) Question is, I noticed they would like shake the guitar or something and the harmonic would be kinda like wavy? I guess thats the only way to explain it. And I tried but idk how to do it :/. Any tips or ideas????


at 0:07 Andy Mckee does it in this video ( so you know what I'm talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tn1d5DmdMqY

and Antoine Dufour does it at 0:59 in this video http://marketaffiliate.org/blog/?p=18768
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they bend the neck of the guitar. keep the body somewhat in place and pull the neck towards you.

Don't over do it so you wont break it :P

That trick works on every guitar and sound. You can also experiment by depressing the strings above the nut.
lol Eddy I can imagine someone trying it and literally just breaking the neck in 2 xD. But I thought about depressing the strings I just never tried it lol. But they bend the neck?? that's odd??
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Yep, it's bending the neck.

My uncle uses the technique when playing on his electric, too. I never really understood it. I mean, he has a tremolo bar and uses it, but every so often he'll bend the neck. I suppose it's a different sound.
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bending the neck is sometimes used instead of a trem bar because it's subtler, I do It alot on guitars with floyd roses, since it's pretty easy to go overboard with those

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thank you guys so much for answering. I will definitely try the technique soon
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You could also tug on the string, in the space between the tuners and the nut. It might be harder to incorporate quickly into playing without a lot of practice, though.
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