Hi, basically I was wondering if there is any sort of device that can plug into an amp's loudspeaker output, that you can plug you headphones into and play away. It'd be really cool if it did, or if some one in a university/college could create one.
I believe Weber has such a device in one of their attenuators.
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I think one of the Weber attenuators has a head phone tap.
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Attenuator + speaker simulator would do it.

It's probably easier and a lot cheaper to get something like a POD though if you want to play through headphones.
what kind of amp are you using?

EDIT:An attenuator probably would not be practical for him since they cost in upwards or $120-250. I'm pretty sure thats probably more than his whole rig costs.

I would look into getting a different small practice amp that has a headphone jack. If your not too worried about your tone and want something cheap just pickup a used Marshall MG or Line 6 Spider or something for liek $40, pretty sure they come stock with headphone jacks. Then all you'd need is a chord to plug your headphones into, they cost like $5 at radio shack

also +1 on the pod, that would certainly be more practical than the attenuator
they sell the pocket pods at best buy for $70 now, thats about the cheapest i've seen them. The same model they sell at bb for $70 seems to go for $80-100 on ebay which makes no sense to me
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Not cheaply.

I thought the Weber headphone taps on the MiniMASS units sounded like crap. It really needs a speaker simulator.

Just pick up a POD or other practice amp that has headphones on it.

I just run my attenuator's DI through the Flextone set super clean for headphone play.
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In order of preference:

Amp -> Palmer PGA-04 -> preamp -> headphones.
Amp -> Attenuator -> HK Redbox -> preamp -> headphones.
Amp -> Attenuator -> good SS amp -> headphones.

Those are the only good sounding, acceptable ways I've found. Anything else is either way more work/expense (isolation cab/mic/preamp) or didn't sound good (Weber headphone tap).

Long story short, unless you've got money to burn or have some of this stuff lying around already, you're way better off getting a POD or modeling amp with a headphone jack. It's much easier to get a headphone out from the preamp of an already emulated amp than it is to knock 50 watts down to headphone output without it getting fizzy and thin sounding.