Hey peeps. Firstly I'd like to say I'm selling this to local pickups only so if you're not in the Walsall/Birmingham area you'll probably find it too far

What I'm selling is my PS3 Slim, 120GB. Bought it last October and I've grown out of it. I play it like an hour a week now and its not really worth me keeping it when theres so much else I'd rather buy. I've never had any issues with it and the games are in perfect condition (No scratches). I have the official PS3 Headset, a HDMI cable and the following games:

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
COD4: Modern Warfare
COD6: Modern Warfare 2
Brutal Legend
Sega Megadrive Ultimate Collection
Dark Void
Grand Theft Auto IV
Fight Night Round 4
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTY Edition
Dragon Age: Origins
Killzone 2
Little Big Planet

Not really taking trades and I really would like to sell all in one go. Still have the box n all the paperwork with it etc.

Open to offers, cheers