I need some help with this song I wrote, I came up with a bunch of riffs and stuff but I seem to have trouble getting some of them to flow/work.

I need some advice on what direction I should go with it and what I should change around and possibly a new riff idea.

Any help would be appreciated.
All the way from bars 33-46 sounds like it's building up to something. The two bass-only bars after that had me getting excited for some epic riff of some kind. And it was kind of disappointing when the guitar is playing this little one-note melody thing over the same bassline as those other two bars from before. It almost sounded like the song didn't really start until bar 76, as if the rest was almost like some kind of intro track. The outro would sound REALLY good with drums I think. Actually, if you'd like, I could write a drum track for whatever doesn't have one.
The intro seems to drag on. I like it, but I'd say cut it just a liiittle bit shorter. And I agree with Ginsu, bars 33-46 got me pumped, and it was a bit disappointing. Maybe you could bring the other guitar in there with some amazingly epic solo? If you do that, I suggest starting out (using the guitar you have now) using the riff at bar 53. And I deffinitely like the bit durring the solo. The outro also gets me wanting more, I'd like to hear this once you write more.
Here have a waffle!
The intro was a bit too long, and I didn't feel the chords, although I like what you did with the bass. The riff after that was cool, but something was off...maybe it was the chords didn't progress like I felt like they should? The drums in that section were cool, too. I liked the part leading up to the solo, and I can't wait to see what you do with the solo.

This piece feels very raw, but it has potential.