As we go...

How the heck did you do the beginning? That was awesome!
The change to the main them was a bit to sudden for my likings though.
The lead needs to be turned up in the beginning of the main them. Same with the piccolo.
And by the way, your thingy is a Lute.
The second pre-chorus would sound awesome with a piccolo by the way.
The bridge was too sudden, and needed a pre-bridge or something.
It was a little reppetitive too.
Interlude 2, the drums should be heavier.
I love the outro by the way, I love how it ends with the birds there too. That was awesome.

Overall, good song, 8/10.

Crit the one in my sig?
Intro - LOVED it! Amazing stuff =D

Main theme - Really good

Verse - Great

Pre-chorus - Good

Chorus - Good

Main theme - Great!

Verse 2 - Great!

Pre-chorus 2 - Good

Chorus - Good

Main theme - Again, great!

Bridge - Ha, good!

Verse 3 - Good

Acoustic interlude - Awesome. Just awesome.

Interlude 2 - Hm.. could be better

Build-up - Very good!

Chorus 2 - Good

Outro - Amazing!

Dude, this is a really good song! Well done! The only thing I didn't like were the choruses, but with vocals that problem would be solved, haha.
All is ghost in memory and poison in the sun