Were are Eulogy Engraved a local band form phoenix Arizona, Our style of music is a bit different than what is going around at the moment. If you are looking for technical melodic harmonies, ear bursting riffs and a females gentle voice to a hardcore death metal sound then please give us a listen


Also on UG!


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I don't want to be mean, so don't take it the wrong way. The female vocals don't fit. Good singer, wrong style of music. Her growls leave a lot to be desired, as do most of the vocals I heard (from whoever else was screaming). Not bad but you need to get away from the western metal sound or you'll just fall into the mix of the other few thousand bands that you sound exactly like.

That's just me though.
Well thanks for your your criticism. and, our female vox doesn't scream/growl lol, she only does cleans