(First of al sorry for my english)
Can somone help me to put LED inlays in my guitar?
I've searched this on google, on u.g.,.... but id didn't found it
I really want to put LEDs at the space where your inlays are,but it is very expensif to let a guitar builder do it so i wanna do it myself.
Can please someone help me?
Thanks in advance,
Let someone who knows what they're doing do it, so you don't **** up your neck/frets/whole guitar.
do you know how to remove the fretboard from the rest of the neck? once you do that it shouldnt be too hard to wire it up. of course you have to find flat LEDs to not screw up the feel of the fretboard, but that can be done.

but since it is supposed to be a bitch to take the fretboard off, i personally wouldnt suggest it. it is expensive for a reason: it isnt something that is easy to do.