Hello! As you may notice, I'm looking for an overdrive/distortion pedal that will get me close to the edgy tone of Angus Young, and the crunchy hard rock of Slash.

Among the influences I take in my playing, there are bands like Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, Slash, Queen, STP, Alter Bridge, Satch, etc.

As far as my gear goes, I play a luthier made Les paul (Gibson hardware, JB/59' SD set of pickups, Grover Tuners)

Now, onto amps. In my house, I play through a VOX VT50, which I kinda dig, despite not being full tube. (although, there's a problem with it getting too bassy at times). Now, thing is, when I gig, I use the venue's amp, which often is a Marshall MG. At university (I study music in a local university) I also use an MG, so I'm looking for a pedal which can make me replicate my tone without much problems.

As for price, I'm not looking for something TOO pricey. Just shoot out your suggestions
You don't really need a pedal when you have crushing overdrive at your disposal

MI Audio Crunch Box, or maybe an Xotic BB Preamp... someone else would probably have a better idea than me though.
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Boss MT2

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blackstar ht dual or ht distx...with the second you can play everything...from blues to death metal...
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blackstar ht dual or ht distx...with the second you can play everything...from blues to death metal...

i found the distx to be the weakest of the blackstar pedal line, with the dual being the most versitile (duh). i thought the drive and dist were good, with the boost and distx being the weakest. not that they sounded bad, but the boost was too clean for my tastes (good for pushing and amp though) and the distx i thought was too much of a high gain one trick pony.

sounds like you want a classic marshal tone in pedal form. the m-audio crunch box is supposed to do that well. there are a few others i typically see recomended for that sound, zvex box of rock is one i think. english muff'n comes to mind as well. there are a few others that i cant recall right now, but im sure someone who does will come along.
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Boss MT2

Good god.

OT:Zakk Wylde Overdrive is awesome.
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