looking to start a group, im 20 and am a really good song writter, hate to be big headed im not trying to be a **** but i know where my talents lie.... i play guitar but ill never be amazing at it,, again i know where my talents lie and im mediocre at it... but im looking to start a band up, preferably people who can have a laugh and not stuck up twats, or backstabbers... im into avenged sevenfold, sonata arctica stuff, also love other elements of music and think my writting an ideas will inspire and go a total different direction to what u were thinking.. never been in a band, been nervous to take the leap i guess but i know music is my passion and dont feel like being another cog in the wheel for some shit company all my life.. so if ur looking to kick back and make history.... (hopefully) message me.... if not i hope u all live fufilled and happy lives
Hi my names Liam I am looking to start a band I live in tw8 London UK. so I want to start a ban most of my bands dont last longer than 6 months . It sucks . I have been given offers to go to France if I ever have any capital ....the dreams of living a nice place so I like , punk . Goth , old school Metallica ..I have been told that my timing is better than Lars , by some one who has drummed for James H....ever since then I have wanted to join a band well if there famous then why can't I be ... and so on , I have thort ...also like ozzy solo work and Bill William Ward, and most music if good .have a look at my old band on youtube - type inn ( limzog9) if you want to start a band contact me , thanks Liam , Brentford uk London .
I live in London and play bass. I only play for fun and am looking only for hobby/enjoyment spare time jamming. I read this is not where you are at, however, if you should change your mind or if anyone else is reading this thread and sounds interested, please feel free to message me.