So I've decided to get a 5w tube amp so I can get some power tube saturation a little easier. I'm mainly looking for a head, but I can get a combo aswell. Heads are cheaper.

I've been looking at:

Blackheart Little Giant - This sounds great from the demos I've been watching. 3 Band eq is a plus, my only issue is it only goes down to 3 watts which can still be loud. Lots of mods out there aswell

Vox AC4 - The ability to go to .25 watts is nice. There is some mods out there. No 3 band eq though. Sounded a little tiny on the demos though.

Epi Valve Junior - I heard these sound garbage stock, modded they are nice. While I do plan on modding them, I want to like it stock aswell lol.

Bugera V5 - This one seems very nice, lots of features, attentuator, headphones, gain and reverb. How's bugera's reliability nowadays?

I won't be playing any metal, that's what my XXX is for. Just blues and classic rock.

I can't try any of these amps out sadly. Only going by sound clips.

So anyone who has tried them to compare or has been in a similar situation as me care to give your opinion?

Also, I'm in canada, the used market sucks lol so new is mostly my only option.
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I have a Peavey Royal 8 which is an awesome 5W tube amp, imo. I got it because of how much control you can have over it, as opposed to most 5W amps that only have a master volume, or maybe a master and a gain.

The Royal 8 has a Master, a Gain and a Tone knob. When I was looking for one, I couldn't find one in it's price range that was better.

Also, it's a Peavey so I had to get it
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i've played the V5, and like most bugera's it has a small 'sweet spot' (but since it's such a one-sided amp anyway it is not that big a deal). also played the little giant and it feels like it has a little more spank to it and probably has the most 'headroom' out of the group. i played and retubed a VJ, i like a gold tipped 12at7 in the preamp and a JJ el84 in the power section, the stock stuff sounds pretty trashy and the retubes make it far more 'stable' sounding and usable at it's higher volume (mainly due to the lesser gain stages in the preamp). i breifly played an AC4 and it seemed much like a valve junior in the 'trashy' sound department.

all these amps have relatively low 'headroom' so mainly i am judging how well they keep tonality and how well you can 'hear' all the notes at high volume, i'd say your little giant is best in that respect. if you want the ultra low headroom than the VJ would be fine as well.

i use a TT or a THD bivalve with yellow jackets when i want that low wattage, and i prefer the TT because the power section is far more articulate than those 5 watt amps, while still getting plenty of power amp saturation.
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Out of those? The Blackheart by a landslide, IMO.

It's probably my favourite production low wattage amplifier.
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Quote by bubb_tubbs
Out of those? The Blackheart by a landslide, IMO.

It's probably my favourite production low wattage amplifier.

It also takes pedals extremely well.

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i have a little giant and absolutely love it. i have a little clip on my profile if you want to check out the clean channel. awesome amp though
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